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Ama Owusuwa

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Ama Owusuwa


Ama received her doctorate in physical therapy from Howard University and has a decade of clinical experience. As a previous contract therapist, she has worked with a vast patient population including those with neurological deficits, amputees, geriatrics, as well as her current orthopedic base.

Driven by her love for people and her Christian faith, she takes pride in delivering compassionate service and her best to everyone she encounters, no matter the place and no matter the case.

As a therapist, she runs by a very straightforward theory: keep it simple! She is an advocate for thorough patient education and her goal is to simply reduce your pain and focus on the goals that are most important to you so that you can feel your best normal self again!

Ama is a language enthusiast with a crazy sense of hearing! She loves to laugh so if you have a dad joke, she’s all ears! She was born in Ghana so she’s never gotten along with snow. For leisure she loves to read, write, watch basketball, and will never turn down a slice of pizza!