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Ann A.C. Steiger

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Ann A.C. Steiger

Specialties/Interested In
Dry Needling

Ann received her Master of Physical Therapy degree from Shenandoah University in 1993 where she earned the K. Madison Smith Award for Clinical Excellence. She developed a passion for the Upper Extremity and attended Drexel University to obtain her specialization in the rehabilitation of the hand and arm in 2004. The following year, she sat for a nation-wide examination to earn her credentials as a CHT (Certified Hand Therapist). In 2013, Ann received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Drexel University, awarding her the highest degree available in the profession of Physical Therapy. Additionally, in 2015, Ann received her Dry Needling Certification.

Specializing in the Upper Extremity allows her the pleasure of working closely with the hand surgeons at OrthoBethesda, creating an environment that fosters superior care as each patient recovers from injuries. Additionally, if any of the other physicians at OrthoBethesda request the skills of a DPT or CHT, she eagerly handles their cases.

She regularly attends National Upper Extremity Conferences to stay informed on the latest research concerning the hand and arm rehabilitation (including dry needling) and continues to utilize electronic medical journals to keep abreast of any new information. Most importantly, she meets regularly with our surgeons to discuss each patient’s specific case while developing the best possible approach to rehabilitation.

Ann’s road to becoming a Physical Therapist was paved by an early life filled with intense physical activity and training. She earned a college tennis scholarship, working towards to a professional tennis career, which ended abruptly due to multiple injuries. Having recovered from multiple surgeries herself Ann can empathize with her patients as she navigates them through the rehabilitation process. She continues to “stay fit” by focusing on bicycle riding, swimming, and weight lifting. If you come to spend time with her, be prepared to discuss movies!