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Lauren Kim

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Lauren Kim


Lauren is born and raised in Maryland. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Kinesiology.Lauren then went on to receive her Associates of Applied Sciences degree from Montgomery College. After being rehabilitated from a torn ACL in 2010 while playing basketball, she decided she wanted to pursue a career centered around rehab and helping others return to activities prior to injuries. Lauren’s goal is for each patient to experience positive effects from therapy and to live a prolonged, pain free life. Prior to receiving her PTA degree, Lauren worked at Shady Grove Orthopaedics for 5+ years as PT technician and the company decided to keep her as an employee throughout her years of schooling. After graduation and passing the Maryland State Board Exam, she wanted to continue her journey with the company and accepted a full time PTA position with now, Aligned Orthopedics. Outside of the clinic, Lauren enjoys spending time outdoors, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends, family, and Rusty – her 13 year old Labradoodle.”