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SS – Danny


Date: August 31, 2022

“Daniel George, DPT, is an exceptional physical therapist. These past few months under his care have been quite uplifting, even through the challenging times in my rehab. I always feel encouraged after our sessions! I especially appreciate his outstanding handling techniques, his impressive depth of knowledge, and his willingness to listen to my concerns. He was persistent in finding and addressing the cause of any discomfort, and he easily individualized the program to fit my specific needs. I’m so glad he has a knowledge of swimming techniques and could skillfully guide me back into the water! I am grateful for his patience in answering my never-ending questions, easily explaining all the details needed to be reassuring. Add to all that, his genuine compassion, his skill at putting patients at ease with his easy conversational skills, and his ever-present good humor, to complete the qualities of a great PT. My recovery from rotator cuff repair surgery has been far easier than everyone told me it would be. I am certain that the smooth rehab has been, in large part, due to Danny care. I feel fortunate to have been assigned to his caseload. Should I need the other shoulder repaired, or physical therapy for any other reason, I will make sure to request Danny as my PT.”

headshot of Daniel George

Daniel George

Danny grew up in the area and matriculated at Ithaca College, graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2010. He has worked in a variety of orthopedic settings and has had training in manual therapy including dry needling.