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Pre and Post-Operative Program

Physical therapy has many roles before and after surgery including:

  • A course of conservative treatment to prevent surgery 
  • “Prehab” prior to surgery
  • An initial evaluation prior to surgery to establish your baseline

Who can benefit from pre-operative physical therapy?

Pre and Post-Operative ProgramPre and Post-Operative Program

What is Prehab: 

Some surgical procedures, especially ACL reconstructions, have found that outcomes after surgery are optimized when patients undergo physical therapy prior to surgery, or “prehab”. By delaying the surgery date by a few weeks and working with a physical therapist to regain normal strength and range of motion in the affected body part, this allows the patient to go into surgery at a significantly stronger baseline. This will help aid with recovery of strength after surgery and can ultimately help the patient reach their goals.  

What are Single Pre-Operative Visits: 

Another reason some patients may have preoperative physical therapy is to meet their physical therapist prior to surgery and to get baseline measurements. Often this is done for the following surgical procedures: 

Pre and Post-Operative ProgramPre and Post-Operative Program
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What are the benefits to pre-operative physical therapy? 

A pre-operative visit can be helpful to get any questions answered, meet the therapist you will be working with post-operatively, and to learn some home exercises to start immediately after surgery. During this visit, your therapist will take baseline measurements, review any expected surgical precautions, demonstrate the use of any assistive device, brace, or sling that may be appropriate following surgery, and review any questions. 

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